Ms. Gopika P B

Research Topic

My research will focus on the modeling and computational difficulties associated with portraying the electrophysiology, mechanics, and electromechanics of the heart. The aim is to develop efficient and robust numerical schemes for models of the cardiac electro-mechanical system with high biophysical accuracy across multiple scales and dimensions. The development of efficient numerical techniques on massively parallel computing technologies is a major challenge that the proposed work aims to address.

Mr. Kaustav Mondal

Research Topic

My research area is mainly focused on Theoretical and Computational Biophysics which is an interdisciplinary topic . Active systems such as microbes and eukaryotic cellular systems are prototypical biological systems that involve the migration of cells driven by chemical stimuli or some self-generated gradients and moving through interactions with other cells and the extracellular environment. Currently, I am working on investigating and understanding the dynamics of these complex systems leading to a large variety of emerging spatiotemporal orders in the form of spatial patterns, propagating waves, collective motions, and phase separation.