Center for High-Performance Computing

The Center for High-Performance Computing (Center for HPC) is an interdisciplinary core facility for scientific computing and research on parallel algorithms at IISER-TVM. It is a multi-disciplinary research center based on High Performance Computing (HPC) and the main aim is to pursue cutting-edge research in all areas of science and technology.

Part of the Center for HPC, functioning of the Padmanabha HPC cluster has started in 2019 and it is supported by faculty contributions via a FAST scheme funded by MHRD and the IISER-TVM administration. Since HPC cluster inception, over 120 users have profited from its computing clusters, including undergraduate and graduate students. The computing facility is open to IISER-TVM faculty and researchers at no charge.

Researchers can contribute funding for long-term priority access.

The Padmanabha cluster comprising a CPU cluster with over 88 nodes (each node has 28 core, overall 2464 cores) and 3 GPU nodes. The total system memory per node is 128 GB. See for more details in "Cluster Details".